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What are Earth Angels?

Perhaps you have already asked yourself the question:

"What are Earth Angels?"

Earth angels are angels incarnated in a human body. Due to the many incarnations on earth, they have become very human and have therefore forgotten who they actually are. They are no longer aware of their true identity. Nor can they remember their gifts and talents. They often even feel punitive on Earth, which unfortunately means that their self-esteem is very low. The earth angels are extremely mature and old souls of light. They carry many karmic burdens, but are very experienced healers, consultants and coaches due to their diverse experiences.

Among other things, they are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairvoyant and sensitive. They have an internal warning system and if someone is not telling the truth they will feel it immediately. Their internal sensors are unbeatable.

Unfortunately, their excessive helpfulness all too often leads to them sacrificing themselves for other people. They are very affectionate and sensitive. For the earthly angels, love is like food for the soul. Without love, an earth angel can hardly survive here on earth.

You are here to teach people and to accompany them in the transition to the 5th dimension. But first they have to find their own power and strength. If they do, then miracles will happen. They provide support and give courage and hope.

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