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I amSigrun Ender

Developer and pioneer of the Earth Angel coaching technique and founder of the Earth Angel Coach training.

I have already had many ErdenAngel coaches  trained in Germany and Switzerland.

My story

When I first heard about the Earth Angels, it was at a time when information was not yet available. There was nothing I could read about it on the internet or anywhere else. That was in 2011! It was very difficult for me because I needed information at exactly that time. Even if there were, I just couldn't find any. But as so often in my life, I was allowed to collect my own experiences in order to gain insights.

At that time I was already working as a freelance coach. I had received image coaching with a child and when I went into his energy I suddenly saw little wings on his back. I was amazed and intrigued at the same time as I had never seen anyone else do this before. And at that time I had been doing energetic coaching for over 10 years!

When I then asked the little boy's higher self what that meant, it said: he is a little angel here on earth - a so-called earth angel. I accepted it that way and thought nothing of it. It was just a beautiful experience and I was so happy about it that I didn't question it any further.

So that you can understand everything a little better, I would like to say that part of my training as a spiritual coach was channeling (communication with angels). I completed this seminar in 2003 and wrote down everything for three years because at first I didn't trust my information myself. It wasn't until many years later that I started publishing channelings.

Over the years, Archangel Gabriel has contacted me regularly in the channelings. Of course there were other angels from whom I kept receiving information. But with Archangel Gabriel, a more intense relationship developed. It went so far that I recognized him by his energy and vibration.

On October 13, 2013, I suddenly received more information about the Earth Angels in a channeling from Archangel Gabriel. I would like to add this excerpt here:

Dear Sigrun, you humans get to know your own capacities as well as those of the angels. The limits you have set for yourselves will widen. Much that you never thought possible will come true. A new world begins to open. A world that was previously closed and in which fear no longer plays a role. Fear is just a human emotion. It has no power with us angels. She is part of you.

We angels see very neutrally and clearly. However, fears can cloud the view. That's why you humans often find it so difficult for yourselves, because fear is in the foreground. But when you enter the heavenly world, there is no fear there. Trust, faith, love, lightness, hope, courage - this is our world. If we had buried these emotions, we would not be angels. They are the basic basis for our existence or for our existence. You can also recognize the so-called “Earth Angels” by this. They also have these gifts and they came to earth to help you.

They encourage you and give you hope. Earth angels never scare you! Pay attention and you will know who these angels are. They have all of the abilities I just mentioned. They also give you support, give you courage and hope. As I said, this is the basic basis of their being.

But there are also other angels who are responsible for the earth. They are there to protect and assist the earth angels. They are in contact with each other in order to bring humanity into a higher consciousness in unison. They work hand in hand and give important clues to the overall good for the people. It is a very important collaboration that affects the good of all humanity.

All angels have specific duties, just like you humans. You have certain skills where you specialize. We have that too. We're not really that different. We angels have a crucial ability! We are not limited by space and time. And you humans are already doing that.

We angels can see into the past, present and future. This enables us to foresee situations and decisions. We can see the impact you make by making a decision. We can see the impact you make through your words and actions. All of this is possible. That is why it is also possible for us to clean up and rectify situations in the past so that a different picture can be seen in the future. But we are only allowed to do this if you expressly request it. That is why close cooperation is so important.

Well, my dear Sigrun, you have learned a lot about us angels. I am telling you all this so that your trust will grow again. So that you, Sigrun, as well as the people, do not lose faith in you and in us. So that you learn to understand us angels and the connections better.

Here is another channeling with Gabriel:

Dear Sigrun, among you people there are so-called blood lines. These also exist in the higher divine sense. For example, from one of these lines come the Indigo Children, a second line the Star Children, a third line the Crystal Children, etc. The Keepers of Mother Earth, the Earth Angels, the Angels, the Keepers of Divine Light, etc. All are assigned to a separate line. Similar to a family system (pedigree), each family has its own bloodline.

The Earth Angels are angels who have incarnated on earth to transmit new knowledge and consciousness to people. They are in close contact with the other angels who are not incarnated on earth. They work hand in hand and want to support people. Therefore, more and more angels are coming into contact with people. This shows the spiritual awakening in recent years.

Most earth angels do not know where they come from. As a result, they unfortunately often feel left alone, not recognized or misunderstood. But one can discover very specific characteristics in all of them, so-called grids, which all these earth angels have in the same way. It even goes so far that they find it difficult to forgive themselves for their own mistakes. But when you explain to these souls who they are, they finally feel accepted. They understand their own actions better and don't judge themselves as much for their mistakes.

Because Earth Angels have a great tendency towards perfectionism. Everything should be in order, otherwise your feeling will be wrong. If this is not the case, they hardly find any rest and feel inwardly driven. That's why earth angels can hardly act against their feelings. They have to learn to use their skills consciously in order to develop their strength. When they do that, they no longer feel helpless and at the mercy of others. Your weaknesses become your strengths!

Therefore they should learn to work with their healing angelic power, because that corresponds to their basis. It would make sense for the Earth Angels to relearn their healing angelic powers so that they can then use them for the benefit of humanity. What distinguishes the Earth Angels from many other beings is their appearance. You have angel wings. The wings also have powers of which the earth angels are no longer aware.

When they learn to use their wings or their angelic powers again, they will experience healing themselves. Because angels can fly through space and time. Angels are not bound by the limitations of space and time, which is why the earth angels also have very great mediumistic abilities. They are very good healing and spiritual advisors, who can also heal karmas and understand extensive connections. Their radius reaches very far.

That's why I'll show you, dear Sigrun, how the angel wings should be used. So that the earth angels emerge and they can heal themselves, but also other people. Because once the earth angels wake up and remember their identity and regain their strength, then true miracles can happen! 

This is how the wing technique (earth angel coaching technique) and the earth angel coach training came about. I received instructions and resources from Archangel Gabriel. It was a very big confidence test for me. Because my first angel event lasted three days and I was allowed to hold it without knowing what to do. He just told me:Dear Sigrun, please invite the Earth Angels and write in your seminar information: "Content unknown - seminar leader is Archangel Gabriel!"

"Oh my God! That can't be true," screamed inside me! That was one of my biggest challenges! Because my human mind said to me: "That's not possible! They all think I'm totally crazy!" But my dear Gabriel can also read minds. Because I immediately got two questions as feedback from him: "Have I ever harmed you? Do you trust me?" And I knew in that moment that I had to do it. No matter what other people would think of me. He has helped me so much and I am doing so much better than I used to! That's how I did it. And so the whole heavenly magic began!

I gave my first angel event in June 2014. 16 people registered and it was one of the nicest seminars/events I've ever given. My husband and I had rented a seminar house and when we got there, surprisingly, there were carved wooden angels of all sizes everywhere. An artist had exhibited his goods here, which was not foreseeable beforehand. The atmosphere was just unique. For me, further proof that it was right.

So everything took its course and in mid-2015 the first group had completed the Earth Angel Coach training. All parts of the training came about during the training with Archangel Gabriel. I kept getting instructions on what to do. And this has not changed to this day. This is how this platform was created now, since this is also a further step with him. I never know where the road will take me with him. But I know I can't do anything about it. But on the contrary...!

It is always wonderful for me to help the earth angels. I know that through this knowledge, the earth angels will regain their powers, which they thought they had lost in the past. Because when they recognize their true identity on the "inside", only then will they also find their happy existence and their calling on the "outside". It won't work the other way around because they would be acting contrary to their line of light. Because each line has its own abilities and enhanced talents. Just like the Crystal Children have their own abilities, so do the Earth Angels!

I look forward endlessly to the awakening of the earth angels on our planeten and I think there will be many more surprises in store for us! Because when they only begin to unfold their angelic powers and consciously use their wings, then we will all experience real miracles!

... and I am very happy about my life's work ... namely to help these earth angels in their awakening and their identity finding and to be able to show them how they can use their abilities again.

All the best !

Your Sigrun

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