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FYI I mean with Godnoreligious association. I mean the creator of all being.

Texts: © Sigrun Ender


Into the new year with clarity

December 2022

dear earth angels,

at the end of the year it becomes important to be self-confident. Very clear to stay true to your principles and to stand by your own values. 

The clearer you leave the old year, the clearer you will start the new year.  It is important that you remain true to yourself. Listen to your feelings and don't let them stop you. Then you are on a safe path.

Use the foundation you have already built. Use your skills and shape your future yourself. Don't just let yourself down, but take the reins of life into your own hands. You are the creator of your reality. Draw and create with your wings. This will instantly change your future. Let go of everything that weakens and burdens you. Get active and act!

In the future, these things that weaken you have no place. They cost you an infinite amount of strength. Instead, be confident and change your life so thatYOU are happy! You deserve it because you are a heavenly creature. 

Let your heart crystal shine and go into the magnetic force, swing your wings and unfold! You're needed!

All my love from the bottom of my heart!

Your Sigrun


vibration increase

November 2022

dear earth angels,

in November the energy on earth will be raised again. This can lead to increased fatigue, headaches and body aches. Therefore, continue to plan rest and recovery breaks.  This makes it easier for the body to carry out these processes  run through.

Look for places of power where you can recharge your batteries. This can be in nature, but also a cozy corner in your home, where you z. B. listening to beautiful music.  The worse you feel, the more you should do something to make yourself feel better. Think of a scale: in order to achieve balance, weight must be placed on one side. If the bad feelings are at the top, then put more feelings of well-being on the other side! This will bring you back into balance.

The emotional balance is very important. Try to come into your center or stay in it. Self-care and avoiding stress is still a major theme this month of November. If possible, avoid too much stress and hectic pace, this is not good for your well-being. The energy sinks and makes you susceptible to diseases, energetic stress etc.

Go into your angelic energy often, it protects you!

Take good care of you!

Your Sigrun


I let love flow through every cell of my body. I am healthy, happy and in harmony. I am open and receptive to all divine and healing energies in the universe. 

I know that every cell in my body is intelligent and capable of healing itself. I am safe and sound!


rest & recreation

October 2022

This month it is important to get some rest. Also pay attention to the rhythm of nature. Nature is preparing for winter, so it would be good for you to do the same. Too much activity can cause you problems. Always make sure that you schedule rest periods in which you have the opportunity to relax.

Walks, meditations, getting enough sleep to rest, all of these are things that support you this month and have a good effect. Take the time to relax. This is not only good for your soul and spirit, but also for your body.

Furthermore, dear earth angels, use your wings again for mother earth and do wing work on her. Because she also needs rest and relaxation. She is exposed to many hardships and you have the opportunity to support Mother Earth. Work more on her again so that she too can find peace.

Best regards!

Your Sigrun


stand firm

Sep 2022

This month it is important to stand firm! Many negative energies show up again. Let these energies pass you by like a mirage. Do not give attention and energy to it, otherwise the energies will manifest - they will come to life.

Light souls, as well as the earth angels, are tested in their faith. It is a test for the earth angels! It will be looked at how stable you already are, in your consciousness and in your belief.

I wish you all a lot of stability!

Your Sigrun


Now pay more attention to your heavenly connection

Aug 2022

In August it becomes very important that your earthly angel pays attention to the heavenly connection. Check your own connections (angelic connection and human connection to God). Heavenly guidance is more important than anything right now, as it will guide you through difficult situations. 

If these two connections are not there, it is easy for you to lose your way in life. That is why it is very important to focus on it and to control it.

Always ask yourself:

  • Is my earthly connection to God?
  • Is my angelic connection (angelic DNA strand) to God?

So you can clarify whether your connections are working.

You can further ask:

  • Am I still on my life path?
  • When making decisions: Does this correspond to my soul plan? Does this correspond to my life plan?
  • Is this good for me as an earth angel?
  • Is this conducive to my peace?

If a "no" comes, then let it be. If all questions are answered with "Yes", then it's good for you.

These questions will help you stay on the right path. You could query it with your pendulum or with other tests such as e.g. B. kinesiology test. 

I hope this helps you!

Affirmation by Elohim Samiris:

"I now accept everything that life has in store for me, I let go and I surrender my life into God's hands.

I trust that my divine spark is within me and that it will protect me and lead me exactly where I... (name) should go. Right at this moment, at this point in time."

All the best to you!

Your Sigrun


Take care of yourself...

July 2022

dear earth angels,

the current quality of time is asking the earth angels to practice self care. Being careful with yourself and taking frequent breaks is very important right now. To perceive and feel one's own needs.

The light souls, which also include the earth angels, currently need many rest periods. Stress and hectic are harmful in the present time.

  • Therefore, do not constantly go beyond your feelings and limits!
  • Do something that brings you fun and joy.
  • Stop the lazy compromises, because they make your other areas of life lazy!
  • Create rest periods.

So you can get through this time better.

All the best to you!

Your Sigrun

Get out of distressing situations

June 2022

Do not torment yourself in jobs that cause you nightmares or even nocturnal insomnia and restlessness. Don't get stuck in toxic relationships that are killing you. Get out of this suffering and don't sugarcoat the facts.

If you have been suffering from your job or your relationship for years and this job or your relationship was not nice, then nothing will change. It won't be nice anymore! Insight is the first step to improvement. Look for alternatives and ways to heal if you suffer from it.

Face the facts and ask yourself:

  • Is my soul suffering?
  • Is my spirit suffering?
  • Is my heart suffering?
  • Is my body already suffering?

Because now is the time for personal responsibility. Nothing and nobody can heal you - only you! You hold the reins. You are responsible for your own well-being. You got yourself into this situation and only you can get yourself out of it! Once decisions have been made, you can revise them at any time.

So be brave now and end your painful situations!

I wish you much courage and strength!

All the best

Your Sigrun


Pay attention to the rhythm of nature

May 2022

dear earth angels,

who me, Sigrun,  of you personally know about my deep connection to the angels. An angel has accompanied me for many years now. This angel is Archangel Gabriel. I was able to learn a lot from him because he passed on the laws of life and heavenly knowledge to me. A whole new life has opened up for me since then.

Among other things, he often said to me: "Dear Sigrun, please pay more attention to the rhythm of nature. In spring we plant, in summer we harvest, in autumn nature prepares for winter and in winter nature moves in the rest - into hibernation."

I would like to share this with you because it is spring now. It's the right time to create something new, to start something (to plant). The energy quality is just right for it!

If you want to start something new, send your wish to the angels. Go into the force of attraction and see what life brings you.

But please make sure that you formulate it correctly, e.g. B. "Dear angels, please bring to me all that is destined for me that makes me happy and content. I ask for divine guidance and order. I am ready to receive." 

Hope this helps you!

Best regards!

Your Sigrun


Currently, many earth angels are struggling with career changes...

April 2022

Earth angels are very harmonious souls, so they need a peaceful environment in their work. If they don't have that, then they suffer a lot from this situation. They need respect and appreciation. When they get that, they are the most honest and dependable employees you can find. They love the family atmosphere in their job. They often feel lost in large, impersonal companies. A well-groomed environment is also important to them so that they feel comfortable.

An earth angel comes to earth as a heavenly messenger on behalf of the heavenly enterprise to carry out his life plan. He works for the "heavenly enterprise". However, other values are important in the "heavenly company", e.g. B. the well-being of every single person. The light souls come to earth to bring new energy and new knowledge to earth. 

Therefore, they are very individual and cannot be put into any grid. You need a lot of freedom and meaningfulness in the work you do!

If you are suffering in what you are doing, then look for other options. Because the suffering doesn't get better and then it gets worse! Be brave and make changes in your life. End the suffering!


“I now accept whatever life has in store for me. I let go and surrender my life into God's hands. I trust that my divine spark is within me, protecting me and guiding me exactly where I need to go... right now, right now."

Much luck!


The great Awakening

March 2022

Now the time has come when the awakening of the light souls goes into a larger mass. This also includes the earth angels. The process is in full swing. What does this mean for the earth angels?

  • You can no longer live with lazy compromises!
  • Old ways and structures no longer work.
  • The pressure to act increases. because the soul wants to realize its soul mission. 
  • The soul call is activated and the soul asks you to live your calling.
  • Waiting no longer works.
  • Personal responsibility wants to be lived.
  • The earth angels are spiritual teachers who should take their place. They should live their spirituality.
  • They are currently being increasingly confronted with their own issues.
  • Your own creativity wants to be lived.

Many are still unaware of the importance of the earth angels taking action now. That's why I wish all earth angels a lot of power and strength. Be brave and move forward!

Your Sigrun

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