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Information about the earth angels?

Earth Angels and the partnership

Earth angels often have partnership problems because they need to learn to get involved in relationships again. This has to do with the fact that they feel separated from God and unfortunately often feel very alone. Only when they have found and live the connection to God again are they able to enter into a lasting relationship again.

Awakening of the Earth Angels

I am asked again and again: Why are the earthly angels awakening now?

I received the following information in the channeling:

The awakening of the earth angels is related to the vibration increase of the earth on December 21st, 2012. Due to this increase in vibration, we are currently experiencing an increased spiritual awakening. This awakening means that the earth angels can now recognize their true identity and follow their destiny.

Archangel Gabriel explained it to me in channeling like this:

LDear Sigrun, you have to imagine that the earth angels have lived a different identity up until now. Through the many incarnations or rebirths on earth, they have forgotten who they really are. As a result, they can no longer use their powers and abilities and live. They are so-called "sleepers" who are now being called and awakened by the increase in vibration. They lay down their previous identity and have to follow their true destiny again. As a result, they are usually no longer able to enjoy their previous job. They often have bad feelings about it and feel overwhelmed or disoriented.

That is why they can no longer live with compromises and of course suffer even more as a result. You, dear Sigrun, should help them and show them how they can use their angelic powers again, so that they no longer have to suffer so much and can more easily pursue their true purpose. You all have a mission. You always get the information you need. Trust me.

The Earth Angels, as well as other higher beings (of higher consciousness) are now being called to To save humanity and the earth. Your inner calling is activated. Otherwise humanity would destroy itself. Therefore, people need spiritual teachers who will give them a new consciousness. Unfortunately, many have had their priorities, feelings and thoughts reversed. You just have to keep track of how much suffering happened back on earth. Please also share this information with your customers and readers. You can thus better understand the connections.

Earth angels and their self worth

The sticking point with the Earth Angels is their self-worth! They always stand in line and don't see their own worth. The earth angels have brought a specific mission to earth. You have a purpose! They have not yet fulfilled these, so they feel small themselves and often even carry feelings of failure within themselves.

Imagine a caterpillar. Until she turns into a butterfly, she first crawls on the earth (on the ground). But when it emerges, it turns into a beautiful butterfly and can fly.

It is similar with the earth angels. This process of unfolding takes some time and this is what the earth angels are in right now. They are beginning to “turn out” and are only now gradually entering their unfolding phase. The true identity was veiled to date and almost nobody could see it. The old cocoon had to go first, they had to “slip” out of it first. They must discard the old identity in order to be able to fly again. Think of the butterfly.

The most important thing for the Earth Angels is that their self-worth is strengthened! They no longer recognize themselves and their worth. They have lost their knowledge through the many incarnations on earth and when they receive and learn it again, they will regain their inner wealth - namely their angelic knowledge and their abilities.

And you know, the inner wealth is always reflected on the outside! So if you start to appreciate and love yourself more again, then the picture on the outside will change drastically.

The emergence phase of the earth angels

Excerpt from a channeling:

The emergence phase has begun. For the Earth Angels this means that the change is now in full swing and that the "cocoon" is being cast off. The birth phase of the earth angels is now taking place! As I already informed you in the last message, the earth angels are now getting their wings again. You can then use your healing angelic energy again and heal yourself and other people.

This is a wonderful state because together they will do a great deal of good here on earth. I'm really looking forward to it, because many people need help and the earth angels are wonderful helpers. Then you can work miracles!

Oh dear Sigrun, if you only knew how much power is in the earth angels!

Well, dear Gabriel, I can probably only guess?

Yes, my child, just as you can only imagine how much power you have.

Oh man! Sometimes it's good if we don't know everything (I've noticed) because we wouldn't be able to process it.

Yes that's right. It is therefore good if certain insights only come in doses and are only passed on in doses. That's why I give you bit by bit knowledge and information. Imagine that you also pant a lot and feel overwhelmed. How do you think people are doing who don't deal with it every day and work like you do?

Yes, they breathe even more! ;-)

That's right. You would start doubting yourself. And that would be unproductive. That would not correspond to the purpose or the divine plan. That's why I, Gabriel, am proceeding very cautiously and advancing so as not to overwhelm you. The Earth Angels have forgotten their knowledge and now it is being brought back to life bit by bit! So that they can use it as wisely and deliberately as I do. A wonderful plan!

You can really say that, dear Gabriel. Very wisely thought out by you angels!

Since we are always concerned about your well-being, we think very carefully about how we proceed so that you can accept it without prejudice. It is of great help when the angels can work consciously on earth again. And while it may sound unreal to many people, that doesn't change anything because that's how it is! I know, dear Sigrun, that you sometimes struggle with it too.

That's correct! When my mind gets the better of it, that's exactly where I am. But when I listen to my heart, it feels right!

Exactly, that's what I mean. And so it is with other people and earth angels. So I can only give you the advice:

Listen to your heart again!

Don't let your mind or ego fool you and lead you astray! The feelings are your guiding system! They guide you in the right way. They are the light that shows you the right way out of the darkness in difficult situations. Trust your feelings even when the mind kicks in. You earth angels will feel what is right and true!

Also trust that a lot will now change for the better. When the "cocoon" is discarded, a new wonderful life begins for you!

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