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What does the wing work actually do?

What can I edit and solve with this technique?

First a short explanation: Your human brain is comparable to a computer. You store all the experiences and adventures that you have had in the past physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. Both positive and negative experiences, because your subconscious does not distinguish between what is positive and what is negative. Your system saves completely neutrally, without rating. Even if you have forgotten many of these experiences, they have still been saved. Similar to the hidden files on your computer's hard drive. No matter when a file is saved, it can still be accessed years later. What happens to a computer? You save and save, the hard drive fills up and the computer slows down. He is no longer doing what he would be able to do.

It's the same with us humans. If your hard drive is too full, you feel sluggish and exhausted. You feel stressed, tired, drained or exhausted. You too are no longer doing what you would be able to do. This often leads to illness or other problematic life situations. Your body or life gives you signals. The cause is always a situation from which you have suffered or are still suffering. The suffering or the emotions in the face of a situation make us humans sick. Even if you repress or push away the emotions and thoughts related to a situation, you have long since saved them. They are still there.

On your computer you would now start cleaning the hard drive, deleting unnecessary files so that it becomes more efficient again. A similar thing happens when you begin to release and process your negative memories and distressing emotions. But how do you get to these »hidden files«? Because they are on different levels and areas. This area can be in your childhood, in adulthood, also in previous lives, or in the family system (heredity). You take a lot of legacy with you, especially from your previous lives. If you have not yet completed your learning process, you will find yourself in similar situations in the next life. Hence the so-called déjà vu experiences. Because your past experiences affect your current life more than you think.

Those so-called embossings and patterns make you fall into the same grid every day. You surely know the thought that you thought: »It will never happen to me again that I get into a situation like this!« But hardly planned, you suddenly found yourself in a similar situation again. If you recognize your learning process and erase the associated imprints, you will manage to get out of your old patterns. These can be your own mental blocks (self-blockades) that prevent you from progressing and growing. But people from your environment (blocks from others) can also block you. This can be out of concern or pity, but also out of resentment and envy. If you dissolve your old painful memories and recognize what you should learn from the situation, this will lead to you moving forward again and being able to find the right path for you.

Now you are probably wondering: "How do I find these hidden files and how can I edit them?"

And this is exactly where the wing work comes into play. For us Earth Angels, wing work is an ingenious method that can be used to work on all topics. Be it professional issues, health issues or partnership issues. But blockages, patterns, grids, etc. are also solved with it. With the wing work it is possible to work on and release subtle and energetic blockages in all areas of life. Be it physical, mental, spiritual or energetic.

But there is another highlight. With the wing work not only the cause is worked on and solved, but also the solution is worked out from a heavenly point of view. In concrete terms, this means: "The solution that we cannot see from our human point of view or from our mind at all is being processed by a higher authority." Because our mind or ego is looking for solutions that are not always good for us. The human mind is assigned to the physical level. We don't find many solutions on the intellectual level anyway. The soul and with it, the angelic part or the angelic energy is assigned to the subtle level. The angelic part that is being worked with knows the life purpose and life path that we have brought with us for this life. And this can be completely different than what our ego would like to convey to us. The path of life and the purpose of life cannot be found with the mind. You can only find this on a higher level.

Let yourself be surprised what can be achieved with it!


  • With the help of the Earth Angel Coaching Technique, we investigate the causes.
  • Then the relevant issues/blockades will be worked on and resolved.
  • In order to optimally process the energetic processing/dissolving process, you will receive further support on request
  • an angel stabilization essence that you can continue to use afterwards.


The Earth Angel coaching technique can be used for all areas of life/topics, e.g.

  • partnership
  • Family
  • Health
  • finance
  • profession/vocation
  • Etc.

What distinguishes an Earth Angel Coach from other coaches:

  • An Earth Angel Coach has access to the angels.
  • He works with the healing angelic energy.
  • It dissolves blockages on the subtle level.
  • It offers solutions and aids for different areas.
  • He works on increasing the energy in the energy body.
  • He works on stabilizing and strengthening the subtle level.

The goal of an Earth Angel Coach is...

To increase the vibrational environment and therefore the energy of the client so that they can feel better emotionally and physically.

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