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Tips for Earth Angels?

Enclosed you will find a few tips on how you can use your angelic energy for yourself:

Unfold your wings:

1. When you unfold your imaginary wings as an earth angel, you are in your angelic energy. This is inexhaustible! This way you become more efficient.

2. When you put your imaginary wings back on you are back in your human energy. Therefore unfold your wings when you work energetically. This will take you straight to another energetic level.

Activation of Angel Power:

1. Stand up straight, close your eyes and unfold your imaginary wings. Now feel what is happening to your body.

2. Start flapping your wings. Now feel into yourself and feel again what is happening to your body.

Do you need healing yourself:

1. Hug yourself with your imaginary wings.

2. Pause until it feels good or until a smile appears on your face. Here you receive your own healing energy.

Do you need protection:

1. Then unfold your imaginary wings.

2. Now hug yourself with it and wrap yourself in it.

For house cleaning:

1. Imagine yourself in a room in your apartment or house and unfold your wings.

2. Now start flapping your imaginary wings strongly.

3. Swing until it feels good and you can breathe easily... or until a smile appears on your face again.

Affirmation for Earth Angels:

I embrace my true identity now that I finally recognize it.

I am aware of my task and develop my full powers.

Full of joy I now receive everything that is destined for me!

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