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What is your mission?

Why do the earth angels incarnate here on earth? What is your mission? 

The earth angels belong to the category of light souls. They are born healers and have incarnated here on earth with a heavenly mission. They actually carry two identities within themselves. On the one hand the earthly human identity and on the other hand the heavenly angelic identity. They are therefore additionally connected to God our original creator with an angelic DNA rod and are extremely intuitive and sensitive. Clairvoyant people can see this connection. If this connection does not exist or is even severed, then this often leads to frustration or depression in the earthly angels. Everything in them is designed to make others happy.

You came here to teach and heal people. This is her calling! They are on this planet to take the earth and humanity into the 5th dimension. If they don't fulfill their mission, then they are usually in a very bad way themselves. If they deviate too much from their purpose in life, the suffering will even increase. But if you get on the right path, your life will suddenly improve! As soon as these souls become aware of their purpose and identity and as a result they begin to act accordingly, their life begins to get organized again.

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