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Am I an Earth Angel?

When you perceive the angels, you enter another world. But when you recognize that you are an angel yourself, then you enter your own inner world. There you will find your skills and gifts that you thought you had lost. This is exactly where you will find your potential to get into your creative power. A world opens up that you never thought existed.

The Earth Angel Test

Are you an earth angel?

Below is the test that will show you if you are an Earth Angel. But if you really want to be sure, it is necessary to have this checked again by an Earth Angel Coach.

  • Are you looking for a deeper meaning in life? Or are you looking for your true calling?
  • Can you no longer do work if you don't feel good about it? Do you feel really bad about it and do you feel powerless? You suffer?
  • Have you felt different from others since you were little?
  • Do you feel out of place, maybe even in your own parental family?
  • Do you have a big helper syndrome and often put yourself in the back?
  • Do you sacrifice yourself for other people and find it difficult to say "no"?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or limited in your body?
  • Are you very sensitive and feel immediately when something is wrong?
  • Are you very sensitive to vibrations?
  • Have you already had many strokes of fate behind you or are you still struggling for life?
  • Do you have an incredibly strong belief that keeps you moving forward? Does this belief lead you through difficult life situations and does it mean that you don't give up?
  • Are you looking for the love of God that you miss so much and cannot find in people? Do you often feel alone, not recognized, or even misunderstood?
  • Do you have a penchant for perfectionism? And should everything have a certain order, otherwise you will not find peace?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, you can assume that you too are an earth angel. How did you feel when you read these lines? Did it matter to you? Maybe even touch your heart?

As an earth angel, it is difficult for you to act against your feelings. That's why you should learn to use your abilities consciously in order to get into your strength. If you do that, then you will no longer feel so helpless and at the mercy. Your weaknesses then become your strengths. Your sensitivity and empathy is one of your greatest strengths if you learn to use it consciously.

You should work with your healing angelic power, because that corresponds to your basic energy. That is why it would make sense if you, as an earth angel, were given tools so that you could use your abilities and talents for the benefit of other people. What distinguishes you as an earth angel from many other beings are your angel wings. As already mentioned, the wings also have powers that you are unfortunately not aware of.

When you learn to use your angel wings again, you will experience healing yourself. Because angels can fly through space and time. Angels are not bound by the limitations of space and time, which is why you, as an earth angel, have very great mediumistic abilities. Earth angels are very good healing and helping coaches who can also heal karmas and grasp extensive connections. Their radius reaches very far.

Angels can perform miracles, even in human form!

Dear Earth Angel,

You were born on earth and often feel lost here.

Use your wings, because they will take you to other spheres and 

as a result, a lot will change clarify for you in your life.

Learn to fly and take off

this will help you regain your strength!

                                                                      Sigrun Ender

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