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trainingg to

Earth Angel Coach®

to Sigrun & Armin Ender

Have you already asked yourself...

  • Am I an Earth Angel?

  • What is my job as an Earth Angel?​

  • What are my gifts & talents?

  • How can I use and implement these?

  • Why I'm here?

If you are an earth angel...

then this training is just right for you, because it is specially tailored to the "Earth Angels".

As pioneers and founders of the Erdengel-Coach® training, we have been organizing this training since 2015 and have trained a large number of Erdenangel-Coaches since then. We are therefore very experienced in this field and are very happy to share this experience with you. 

In this training, the Earth Angels learn how to activate and use their basic energy - their angelic power. For your own well-being, but also for the benefit of other people. You will learn how to work the wing and the exact procedure that goes with it. This technique serves as a tool for the Earth Angels and can be used for energetic and subtle release processes. It doesn't matter whether it's karma, imprints, blockages or other areas. At the same time, however, deficits are filled and stabilization measures are taken. The way it works is very effective and enormously profound.

The contents of the training were transmitted to Sigrun through heavenly messages (channelings). Thus, the knowledge of the training is based on a higher level, which is particularly evident in the heavenly vibration and atmosphere during the training.

Would you like to learn more about ErdenEngel?

What is special about the training to become an Earth Angel Coach®?

  • You will learn how to work with the healing angelic energy.

  • You unfold your own potential, which corresponds to you and your basic energy.
  • You develop your own spiritual abilities.
  • You will work on many of your own topics during the training.
  • You recognize the true mission and purpose as an earth angel.
  • You will learn how to solve and work profoundly in a wide variety of areas and levels.
  • You can use the technique you have learned for others as well as for yourself.
  • You will receive personal support from Sigrun & Armin.
  • You also benefit from the many years of experience of Sigrun & Armin and get valuable tips.
  • On request, we can also provide you with our tools (teaching chart, therapy cards, essences) and you can use them.
  • You will also receive exclusive access to our ErdenEngel Coach Facebook group.
  • You can deepen the knowledge you have learned after the training, train and take part in our regular Earth Angel Coach Make Me Fit exercise evenings (online).
  • At the end you will receive a certificate as an ErdenEngel-Coach® according to Sigrun & Armin Ender participate.

What is the goal of this training?

  • To bring you, as an earth angel, into your own power and strength.
  • To give you your own tools or a technique that is specially tailored to you.
  • To develop your own spiritual abilities to use them for yourself and others.
  • Finding your own individual path that makes you happy.

What do we observe with our trained coaches?

  • Your own fears disappear and you gain more security.
  • Your basic trust in God is strengthened.
  • You will find trust in heavenly guidance.
  • You gain an understanding of the connections in life.
  • Your courage and zest for life will increase.
  • The search for the right technique stops and you feel like you have arrived.
  • You will find confidence in your own spiritual guidance.

How long does the education last?

The training covers a total of 5 days, divided into 2 blocks. The time between the blocks is very important in order to process and train the knowledge learned accordingly.

The training takes place in classroom form as well as online training. Please note - no hybrid seminar! 

At the end you will receive a certificate as an ErdenEngel-Coach® according to Sigrun & Armin Ender.

Meals during the face-to-face seminar incl. (lunch, drinks and fruit/snacks during the breaks).

Training content​

Block 1 / Part 1

In this part you will learn as an earth angel, the first steps with the wing work. Your angelic power will be reactivated and you will receive the first useful tips for dealing with your angelic energy.


  • Activation of the inner pendulum
  • Importance of the chakras and aura layers
  • Activation of Angelic Power
  • First work with the angel wings
  • Stabilization options, house cleaning
  • Basic knowledge: Earth angels and their mission / basic assessment of the earth angels / earth angels in business

Block 1 /  Part 2

In this seminar you will learn the technique of wing work. The intensive commitment and the procedure, the solving and balancing of issues and deficits.

At the same time, various basic topics are processed and corrected for you as an earth angel.


  • Connection of heavenly and earthly existence
  • self worth
  • vigor and strength of existence
  • prosperity
  • vocation and purpose in life
  • divine unity

Block 1 / Part 3

In this seminar, the topics mentioned below will be intensively worked on and discussed. At the same time, existing blockages and thought patterns are released so that nothing stands in the way of further progress.

At the end of the seminar, each participant will receive a personal message from an angel!


  • Ethical Principles
  • Wing work on certain own topics
  • Finding the cause and how to proceed with the help of angel cards
  • Individual use of essences
  • How do I set up a counseling session?
  • Channelings - heavenly messages

Block 2 /  Part 4

This seminar is about practicing and strengthening the previously learned techniques and procedures in order to find security in daily practical work. Furthermore, the company's own deficits and supporting measures are specifically addressed again.


  • exchange of experiences
  • supporting measures
  • Wing work - exercise/deepening
  • Channelings - heavenly messages

Block 2 / Part 5

This last part deals with the characteristics as well as the orders that the souls have brought into this life in the respective lines of light. You will grasp connections and understand why many tools work for one person and not at all for the other.

Each line of light has brought a specific mission to earth that can be supported with the right knowledge.​


  • Different light lines and their identification features
  • Aids and possible uses for the different light lines

    Procedure and working techniques

  • Order/characteristics of ...
  • earth angel
  • Guardian of "Mother Earth"
  • Guardian of the "Divine Light"
  • indigo children
  • crystal children
  • star children
  • rainbow kids

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Nina Wellhofer

Hello dear Sigrun, hello dear Armin,

I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, fulfilling seminar.

Attending this seminar was one of the best decisions of my life. We learned so much and it was so very fulfilling. Nobody can take this feeling away from you and I am more than just motivated to deepen what I have learned and to develop and educate myself. What we have learned from you in this short time and can already use in the meantime is such a nice feeling. You have conveyed the content to us so well and it is so nice to know that there are more and more people who are awakening and following their soul calling. A highlight for me was the channeling and that it was an online seminar that worked so well. It's really amazing what is possible when you use your talents and believe in yourself!

I'm looking forward to everything that's to come and I feel so strengthened and I know that I'm not alone, but that the angel family is always present and watching over us. I'm on the right track.

Thank you for bringing all this to life and for passing on your knowledge to us! Joy, joy, joy!!!


Heartfelt thanks! Enjoy!!!


Katharina Poth.jpg

Catherine Poth

Dear Sigrun, dear Armin,

the two training courses (Earth Angel Coach & Light Soul Coach) with you were like coming home for me. I learned so many new things and yet a lot of things seemed so familiar to me. I'm so thankful that you get really down-to-earth training. There is security in knowing that you still have both feet on the ground.

In a short time you have turned my usual reality by 180 degrees - and I mean that in a positive way!

Working with the wings, which I learned in the Earth Angel Coach training, is my personal home and I use the wings every day. Since then, a lot has changed for the better in my life and I can help myself much better without always looking outside for help or a solution.

In the Light Souls Coach training I got a deep understanding of the many different lines of light and a suitcase full of possibilities. This training was very exciting and feeling the different energies was so incredibly beautiful.

THANK YOU from the heart!


Best regards


Susanne Dröll-Bülter

Dear Sigrun, dear Armin,

The ErdenEngel coach training showed me completely new possibilities as a coach, how I can work quickly, solution-oriented and, above all, easily with my customers. At first I just wanted to learn a helpful way to support my family, but I was getting inquiries from clients before I even finished the course. It was wonderful to work with other earth angels and spread my wings.

Sigrun and Armin guided us lovingly and competently through the entire training process. You can feel the warmth of their hearts and feel very well looked after. Everything is just right and I would recommend the training to every earth angel, even if they don't work as a coach, because it contributes significantly to the "revealing" of one's own earth angel part. I work a lot with the ErdenAngel-Coaching and still am amazed at the quick resolution of blockages and the increase in vibration of my customers. It is beautiful work and I am grateful to be able to use it.


Best regards


What happens after the training?

For further support, "Earth Angel Coach Make Me Fit Exercise Evenings" (online) take place for the seminar participants. These serve to share experiences, but also to practice the technique and procedure.

Application in the ErdenEngel portal

You can become a trained Earth Angel Coach®can also be advertised in the ErdenEngel portal.  If you are interested, just write us a short message. We will then be happy to send you further information. Thanks very much.

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